I wanted to touch base with you to describe my experiences with Rx Professional Services. My team and I have been working with Rx Professional Services for the last 8 years. I am always impressed with the level of responsiveness and professionalism you and the Rx Professional Services team always exhibit. All of my team members have access to you. Any questions are addressed immediately and I have never been anything but completely satisfied with the results.

Significantly- the team of experts that Rx Professional Services has is outstanding. All the physicians are extremely well qualified. Despite the demands on their schedules – these Physicians are always thorough in their reviews. They are always available for timely examinations and I never have any concerns about the timeliness of their written reports. The reports themselves are outstanding. The quality of the reports is a reflection of the quality and qualifications of the Physicians Rx Professional Services has available.

I very much look forward to working with Rx Professional Services and the excellent team of physicians available through this tremendous organization.

Francis J. Grey, Jr., Esquire
Partner and Founding Member
Ricci, Tyrell, Johnson & Grey

I have worked in the civil litigation arena for decades and have never come across a more responsive IME service. RX not only has a number of highly qualified experts in the specialties that we all see on a regular basis but will also help find needed and qualified experts in areas that are seen on a much less frequent basis. When I need an expert my first call is always to RX

Joseph M. DeMarco, Esquire
March, Hurwitz & DeMarco

As a worker’s compensation defense attorney with a fast paced and busy practice, I truly appreciate Rx Professional Services. With just one phone call or email, I can very quickly get a date for an IME with a reputable and qualified medical expert. Not only that, Rx Professional Services takes the hassle out of making the arrangements by providing immediate notification to the Claimant and the Claimant’s attorney and by promptly getting the records into the hands of the expert. I am very pleased with their level of service and I highly recommend them to others in the litigation defense industry.

(Lawyer – requested anonymity due to firm rules)

My experiences with Rx Professional Services have been uniformly excellent. The depth of knowledge and insight Casey and his team are able to offer when we need a solid IME has been invaluable to our practice, and I would recommend this company’s services to any litigator when the time comes to find the right doctor for your case.

Kevin E. Dolan, Esquire

Our relationship with your firm has been nothing but positive. As you said no news is good news and I don’t believe in the time we have been referring cases to you we have had one negative experience. I look forward to working with you and your firm on a more frequent basis in the future.

Rick Barry, Paralegal
Gerolamo, McNulty, Divis & Lewbart

I am extremely happy with the customer service that RX Professional Services, Inc. provides to us. Your staff is courteous, punctual and extremely diligent in getting the IME’s scheduled. Whenever there is a need for a particular type of expert, you are able to reach out and locate great choices for us to consider.

(Paralegal – requested anonymity due to firm rules)

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